Horizon Paris 8ème Art

Horizon Paris 8ème Art


Jose Carlos Cordoba


José Carlos Córdoba (1968). Born in Plasencia, (Cáceres), Spain. Self-taught, begin to drawand paint in his childhood, attending to museums and exhibitions since then, both in the nationalterritory and abroad. 

His pictorical and drawing work is focused mainly on traditional techniquesas oil and pastel on different supports. The theme of the work, of figurative nature, isbased on a continuous dialogue with the History of Art, as well as other field such a Philosophy,Literature, Cinema , Photography, Music... . Currently residing and working in Plasencia, healternates his work with exhibitions both regionally and nationally. 

We are glad to represent him in Paris and you can buy his artwork in our online gallery. We are also glad to have 3 artworks exclusivily sold by us.

3 artworks

Artistic domains : Drawing (2), Painting (1)

Horizon Paris 8ème Art
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