Horizon Paris 8ème Art

Horizon Paris 8ème Art


Diana Becerra


My life has constantly involved the process of visual creation to the point where it is as natural and essential to me as the act of breathing.

Since 2000 I have created abstract prints, paintings and mixed media where the emergence of organic forms and intense color combinations result from my constant experimentation with various textures, techniques, self-made plastic mixtures and computer. In my search I usually don't plan things in advance; I let the artwork itself guide me.

I work to convey movement and depth within simple designs, interested in the organic nature of imperfection and chaos. Presently I am exploring how color is charged with meaning, painting figments with varied levels of connection to reality, probing relationships between darkness and light.

My clay masks depict the intimately familiar human face, frozen in a specific moment, a mirror to observe ourselves: internal and external, still and active at our most affected and most unguarded.

We assume that video observes, captures a place, a person, an event in the world that was desired to be captured. In my video work the images are really not of anything in that sense, they register only that which is incidental.

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Horizon Paris 8ème Art
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